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Joseph Earles is a highly regarded surgeon who treats patients as he would like to see his own family treated. He takes the time to explain your condition, discuss treatment options, and answer questions to help you decide which treatment choice is best for you. His expertise and empathy is reassuring in what can be a very stressful time.

Consultation with ENT specialist surgeon Dr Joseph Erales at Northern ENT, Mauranui Clinic, Epsom, Auckland

If you are a new patient at Northern ENT we will ask you to complete a patient registration form which includes your contact details and a health questionnaire. A detailed initial consultation usually takes at least 30 minutes and often longer. Follow-up appointments are usually faster.


You are welcome to bring family or other support persons with you during the consultation. You will be asked questions about your symptoms and then examined by Dr Earles. This may also include endoscopy and ultrasound-guided biopsies. Dr Earles will then discuss the diagnosis and management options with you.

Sometimes procedures are performed during your consultation, such as biopsies or nasal cautery.


After your consultation we send a letter to your GP to explain the findings and management plan. You will also receive a copy of this letter. We may also refer you for further tests and assessments as necessary.

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Mauranui Clinic

Our fully-equiped office is in Mauranui Clinic, a modern, purpose-built suite with a comfortable and stylish waiting room. There is free parking easily available and disabled access.

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